Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 985: A Conversational Evening

After work and a round of yoga, I had the loveliest evening.

My friend who is staying with me for a few days and I had dinner together at Thai Express. Over some yummy BBQ Pla (i.e. BBQ Fish but "Pla" does sound a lot nicer!), we had a nice long conversation touching pretty much everything under the sun.

Then we moved from Thai Express to Marble Cake Creamery and over some yummy Brownie and ice cream, we continued our conversation.

Then I got back home and called up my in-laws and had another 45 minute conversation with them! I don't often have long conversations on phone simply because...well, I am not usually a phone person. So this was both unusual and really nice! I enjoyed it!

After the conversation with the parents, the friend and I continued our conversation again for another hour or so.

Nett, if it weren't obvious by now, it was a very conversational evening!

So, what makes that awesome?

The fact that there are people with whom you can have such prolonged conversations and the fact that there is so much about the world to wonder and talk about!

It's really... hmmm.... nice!

15 more to go. 

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