Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 995: Uluwatu Cliffs, Finn's Beach Club, Rock Bar!

Day 2 in Bali with so many wonderful experiences! Ah!

OK, let me do a quick list... here's all that I fell in love with today....!

a) Morning yoga by the pool with a gorgeous view of the ocean beyond! - Most of us were up and about by 8am. While some decided to hit the pool immediately, I decided to do my yoga taking in the wonderful ocean view from the villa. It was one of the best yoga sessions ever!

b) Wonderful breakfast of toasts, eggs, croissants, danish, fruits, sausages, coffee and juice, at the villa!

c) Trip to one of the cliff edges of Uluwatu where some of the friends wanted to do paragliding - The hubby and I had done this in our previous trip to Bali about four years ago and we recommended it very strongly to the rest of the gang. So all of us made a trip down to the paragliding location which is at the edge of a cliff and gives stunning views of the sea below! They couldn't do the paragliding because of the strong winds and were asked to return the next day but everyone was happy being there. The view, the wind, the peace were well worth it!

d) Finn's Beach Club at the Semara Resort, where we went for lunch and some time at the beach - This was a super duper extravagant resort! The whole area was extremely well designed and maintained and we were given a tour around, which got our jaws to drop. After being sufficiently impressed by their villas, pools etc. we made our way to the Beach Club which was down a cliff and required us to take a a flight of stairs followed by an inclinator. The ride on the inclinator was a novel experience and super fun! At the Beach Club, the rest hit the sea waters but I avoided them because the waves were too rough and the beach was too rocky. Instead, I listened to music and ate and drank by the beach, while watching the rest of the them behave like kids in the water. I loved the experience! After the hubby had his share of fun in the water, we walked on the beach for a bit, visited a cove at one end, had lunch and drinks and relaxed for a while on the sands, getting tanned!

e) Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, where we went for dinner and drinks - Post Finn's Beach Club, we returned to our villa briefly for a quick rest and change and then set out again, this time to the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort. Ayana Resort, like Semara, is also a very high end resort but a much, much more sprawling one. We had to walk for almost 15 minutes from the entrance to get to the Rock Bar, which was at the other end of the resort. Rock Bar, once again at the bottom of a cliff, required us to take an inclinator down, which I loved!  The bar itself is perched on rocks right on the sea and had waves crashing against it throughout. Quite an amazing location!

f) Late night conversations and chilling out - After Rock Bar, we got back to the villa. Everyone was dead tired but that didn't stop us from spending a few hours into the night, making mindless conversation!

I hit the bed with a huge smile, feeling on top of the world!

Another beautiful day in Bali ends!

5 more to go. 

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