Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 996: Rooftop, Massage, Uluwatu Cliff Temple, Kecak & Fire Dance and Bumbu Bali!

After the rather hectic day yesterday, most of us decided to hang around the villa for the bulk of today. Just a couple of them made their way for paragliding and Ubud, while the rest of us chilled out at the villa.

The best part was that we got a couple of masseuses to come over and give all of us massages. Our villa had a beautiful rooftop with bales that housed massage beds and we decided to make use of those.

With the stunning scenery of the ocean, the wonderfully chilly and strong wind that kept blowing and some really good expert masseuses, it was the best massage experience ever! I didn't want mine to end at all and from what I understand, the rest felt the same! Even the hubby, who is not a big fan of massages, was soon contemplating making it a daily routine!

Getting a massage in the rooftop bale

After the massage, we spent a few hours doing what we did best - chilling out. Lounging in the pool, relaxing on the beach chairs or in the bales, drinking, eating, especially enjoying the Pisang Goreng (friend bananas) with ice cream that we got the in-shouse chef to make again because all of us oh-so-loved it, chatting, listening to music, laughing and in short, living.

In the evening, we made our way to the Uluwatu cliff temple, which was just 2 kms from where we were staying. The hubby and I had been here in our previous trip to Bali but this time the experience was very different. In the previous trip we got to the temple at about 3pm and were surrounded by monkeys with very few other humans around. But today, there were thousands of people, all making their way for the 6pm Kecak & Fire dance at the temple. We hardly got time to go around the temple grounds and also hardly spotted any monkeys.

But the dance, in the backdrop of the cliff temple, was very interesting. They showcased snippets from Ramayana, something which all of us were familiar with. The costumes were elaborate but there were no instruments used. Instead, a group of 30-40 men used their voices for the music, in a form of acapella. Thanks to our familiarity with the Ramayana, we could understand what was being portrayed and with that haunting vocal music, the fires around, the setting sun and the rising darkness in the background, the performance was truly enchanting. I loved it!

Post the visit to the temple, we made our way to the Bumbu Bali restaurant in Nusa Dua for an authentic Balinese dinner. We were welcomed with Frangipani flowers and accompanied with some Balinese music in the background, we enjoyed traditional Balinese cuisine. The boys tried their hand at drinking arack, the Balinese local alcohol, but gave up after 2 sips. It was apparently rather lethal!

Back in the villa, it was time for another round of mindless conversation, picture taking and general cribbing about how it was already our last night in Bali.

Last night it truly was, but one that followed a gorgeous day!

4 more to go. 

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