Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 989: A Day With The Hubby!

This Saturday was all about the hubby.

He was away in India the last weekend and the next few weekends we are gonna be rather busy with friends in Bali, parents in town etc. So we decided to spend the day together and max out the quality time.

After our customary brunch at Lakshmi Narasimhan, we decided to do some shopping. Together we went around Novena Square and hung out in the shops there for about 2 hours or so. The initial objective was for me to buy some stuff for Bali but the hubby ended up shopping 5 times as much as I did! Oh well.

Then we got back home and decided to watch the Olympics. India's Saina Nehwal was playing for the Bronze medal in Badminton. About a few minutes into the game, the hubby decided that it was my presence in the room that was making her under-perform and asked me to kindly exit. After adequately rolling my eyes, I did exit and decided to use the time to wrap up his birthday gift and do up the finishing touches.

So in a securely locked study room, I did just that.

Soon the hubby came knocking on the door, wondering what I was up to (FYI, Saina won the match, so he decided that my presence will not do much harm anymore).

Upon discovering that I was working on his gift, he told me that I didn't have to wait until the 15th (his birthday) to give him his gift and that he was more than happy to take a look at it now.

I actually didn't mind that because like I said, the next few days are going to be crazy busy, so I might as well use this time when we are left to ourselves, to pass him his gift.

So with much drama and build up, I got him to close his eyes and come into the study room. I made him sit on the floor and then open his eyes.

He opened his eyes, looked around and realized that I had not prepared 1 gift for him but a pile of 10 gifts! The idea was that I will give him 12 gifts in total (2 to follow on the birthday itself), one for each month of the year.

The look on his face when he saw the pile, was priceless! All those hours of shopping and wrapping were completely worth it!

The next half an hour so was spent on him unwrapping the gifts, reading the messages I had written on each of them, posing for photos etc. etc. It was super fun!

Hubby with his gifts!

Post that wonderful gift-time, we went to our usual hangout place Al Afrose, the hawker centre, and had dinner.

An entire day spent together, and a very fun day at that!

11 more to go. 

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