Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 994: Beautiful Bali!

Today early morning we set off for Bali! The holiday, planned together with 8 of our close friends, is to be the hubby's and mine birthday celebration as well as our last trip together before we turn parents (whew!)!

So needless to say I was all excited throughout!

We set off from our house early to catch the 9 am flight and met 5 other friends at the airport (the rest were to join us later in the day in Bali). After a smooth check in and immigration, we got ourselves breakfast from Coffee Bean (strictly below average stuff) and boarded our Air Asia flight. 5 out of the 7 of us had seats together, so we had fun on the flight chatting away and also enjoying some cup noodles!

Upon reaching Bali, we were picked up from the airport by our manager Ketut of the Lagen Cliff Villa in Uluwatu. I had found this place after much googling and it was the only one that fitted our criteria of must-have-sea-view, must-be-afforable, must-have-5-bedrooms etc.

But all the googling and the pictures on their site hadn't prepared us for the real deal! The villa was just spectacular and pictures do no justice! With an amazing sea view from a cliff, two fantastic pools (one being an infinity one), gorgeous bales around the pool, beautiful rooftop with massage beds and bale, humungous living/dining area, wonderfully spacious bedrooms and baths and amazing service by the manager, butler, maid and chef - Lagen Cliff Villa was just perfect. Like, P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

After enjoying the welcome drinks that were provided and then going into the very entertaining process of deciding who gets which room in the villa, we lounged around until lunch arrived. I had my share of some yummy Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and then hit the pool for the next couple of hours. The rest had their champagnes and wines in the pool, while I stuck to coffee, which I must say was pretty good. I am not usually a coffee drinker but I did have one cup too many in Bali, thanks to the perfect blend there.

Dinner was cooked in the villa itself by the in house chef! We were given a long list of Balinese and other Indonesian dishes to choose from and after much to and fro we decided on two chicken dishes, one fish, one vegetable and some rice. On top, the chef added his speciality dessert - Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana) with ice cream! It was awesome! In fact, the dinner at villa was one of the best meals we had during our stay in Bali this time! Really really delicious!

Post dinner, it was again time to lounge around and we were soon joined by the rest of the gang. Some went into the pool, some played Antakshari, some drank, some listened to music, some zoned out, but everyone was happy and enjoyed thoroughly!

I was dead tired by the time I hit the bed thanks to the early rise and a long day of talking and swimming and general high excitement, but needless to say, I was a very happily tired person!

6 more to go. 

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