Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 998: Bali Memories & 30th Prep!

I did a really good thing by planning my annual leave such that I have an extra day to recover at home post Bali. So while the rest of the gang, including my husband, hit their offices today, I was chilling at home.

And I needed that badly! I had a ton of fun in Bali and of course was kinda tired after all of it, and needed the day off for the required rest. But I also needed a day to put up all the pictures, catch up on my pending Bali blogs, kinda live with the memories for a while before I let them go, align my head to the fact that holidays are done for a while and now there's really no other milestone until the new member arrives, and also be well prepared for the 30th.

So I did just all of that.

I had a great time looking through the pictures, uploading them, discussing them with my friends, and beaming through the day! The holiday has done a ton of good! I also got my well needed rest and some time off to myself where I could either think through all that happened in the last 1000 days or simply zone out. I pretty much did both and realized that I am all set for the 30th. I have done all that I wanted, I have had a great celebration in the way of this holiday and most interestingly I don't feel old at all, even though am going to be a mom soon! In fact,  i realized that am planning on trekking trips with the little one as soon as he/she can walk!

So yeah, it's all good and I am incredibly happy and at peace and well prepared for the 30th.

And with that we have...

2 more days to go! 


  1. Amazing! What an epic journey it has been since you started out, on this endeavour :) Rooting for you! Get there in style and then, go on with the inimitable you way of keeping the energy flowing :)
    God Bless!

    1. Thank you soooo much teacher! :) Your blessings mean a lot! It's been absolutely wonderful having you as a reader throughout and a lot of times, all the kind words you have said made me plough through tough periods. thank you so much, once again!