Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 171: Time to hit the floors!

What a day! :-D :-D :-D... I am all smiles (as you can see from the number of emoticons at the start, just to drive the point across stronger)!

Today is the last day of official pre-production work for Mausams and I am so excited! The work actually lasted 8.5 months! The concept sprouted in my brain exactly on August 14, 2009. I remember the date because that was the day the movie Kaminey was released and I couldn't focus on that film because I was weaving the story for my own film!

From then to the scripting to the casting to the styling to the scheduling to the shot breakdown to the storyboarding to location hunting to prop hunting to getting permissions for shoots etc. etc. has been a long but very interesting journey and today was the finale of this stage.

Today we did audio and video tests on my new iMac that my hubby had bought for me, just for my editing purposes. Our old desktop is old and is dying and can't even process a 4 minute video, let alone a 90 minute one. So we had finally decided to invest in an iMac and hubby was quite the darling and gifted me one!

So today, my crew members came over and we tested editing and dubbing on it and it was fantastic! I am more confident of the technical aspects of the film now! Sure the editing, dubbing and sound design would still be back breaking work but at least there is hope that what I desire can be acheived.

So here's to Mausams going to "hit the floors"!

829 more to go.


  1. YeaaaAH!! Time to rock and roll!

  2. Cool. I sure am waiting for a slight glace soon, if not a formal trailer, at the very least. The poster you had showed earlier was nice. So would be the movie. Hit it hard :)

    All the very best..

  3. Thank u guys! :)

    Amit - yeah, should be releasing and teaser and website etc. in a while! Lotsa work still remaining!

  4. All the Best! Will wait for the day it is ready to hit the screen :)