Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 193: Location Scouting

Today was a no-shoot day. Instead I went location scouting. A friend offered to drive me around in his car to all the pretty places in Singapore to make my choice for a suitable place for shoot next weekend. The hubby, my mom and his mom also tagged along. I didn't want them to miss out on all the potentially pretty places we were to see!

And man, what pretty places! :D We went to Labrador Park, Mt. Faber and Changi Beach Park. All beautiful places. Especially since my friend seemed to know the best spots in each of these, it was quite a stunning excursion I must say! All of us had a ball, really. My mom in law especially, was overjoyed. At Changi Beach, she literally squealed in delight when an aircraft flew just above our head, very low down, just a couple of seconds before it landed on the Changi airport runway. It was cute!

Even though I've been in Singapore for 11 years, I have hardly been to these places before. So it was a really fun sightseeing trip. And yes, it was not just about the sightseeing. I did get my location after the so-called scouting, so it was productive as well.

807 more to go.

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