Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 804: IOK Screening Discussion!

Awesome day! If all goes well, an organization in Singapore would present the global premiere of Inganeyum Oru Katha (my malayalam short film) at their venue here in Singapore, in March! That would be pretty nice because inspite of being a short film, it would get a sizeable audience and a good premiere!

I met the organizer today to check out the venue and talk the detailed of the screening. It's not yet 100% confirmed but fingers crossed!

In any case it was nice to meet him because he happened to be from my same hometown and we hit it off very well! He also treated me to some really awesome food at Spice Junction which serves authentic Kerala cuisine. Over Fried Prawns, Beef Coconut Fry and Fresh Lime Soda, we discussed IOK, Malayalam movies, movie making, food, Thrissur (our hometown) etc. etc.

So yes, it was a nice evening and am hoping the screening works out! Even if it doesn't, am happy that at least somebody wanted to give it a proper premiere. Sometimes, even that is such an encouragement!

195 more to go.

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