Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 12: The comic strip.

Today I had this very strong urge to draw. Draw something. Anything. And for that, I would need pencils and erasers and drawing papers etc. None of which seemed to be available. After spending almost an hour hunting for the required materials, I ended up with a sketch book, 1 mechanical pencil (I think that's what they are called) and a black felt pen. The resources were really inadequate even for a decent sketch but I was not one to be discouraged by such feeble barriers.

I sat down to draw and waited for an inspiring idea. None came. So I ended up doodling. Some of the doodles were actually looking like recognizable shapes. Then it struck me that today could be the day when I satisfy my age long desire to do some cartoon work or a comic strip, whatever you wanna call it! After all, I have a black felt pen.

The idea got me so excited! I drew a couple of frames and convinced that this is going to be the most special thing that would happen today, I wanted it to be part of the blog.

Then came the next set of difficulties. I didn't have a scanner. So I took a picture of the drawing and uploaded it on to my computer. It was a super ill-lit, blur picture. I played around with for a while, and kinda sharpened it a bit. As a result, it looks like some grainy sandpaper work. Anyway I added in the dialogues etc. and happily uploaded them online only to discover that the font is too small and can't be read. Oh well. So I have just added in the dialogues after each frame.

The characters are called "Da" and "Di" for no particular reason (but my Mallu background could have had an influence here). Also, I would say that this is not an exact replica of something that happens in my own household, even though my husband insists on being paid royalties for using him in the comic strip. I tried to convince that Da is not him or he is not Da, but he prefers to believe otherwise. What can I say.

So below is a strip on Da & Di. It is not a genius piece of comic art by any means, but it's my own dear little piece of comic strip.

988 more to go.

Di: Darling, can you please help clean the first guest room? I will clean the bedroom, second guest room, kitchen, living room and washrooms.
Da: Of course, Darling!

Di: Darling, am done with the bedroom and the kitchen. Are you done with the guestroom?
Da: Will do right after this show, Darling!

Di: Am almost done. How about you....Darling?
Da: In just 5 minutes, Darling!

Di: Am done. Would you like me to throw the TV out of the window so you can go and clean, Darling?
Da: No. No. Am going.

Da: Darling, I've cleaned the guest room.
Di: Oh... such a darling! Come watch TV then!

Di: Darling, which room did you clean, again?
Da: The second guest room, Darling!

Di: ...Which I had already cleaned this morning...?
Da: Oh.


  1. In your husband's defence, err, I mean, in Da's defence, it's the thought that counts, no? ;)

  2. Er.. yes.. if you insist! :D