Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 1: How it all started.

So a friend of mine turned 30 over the weekend. A few others are about to turn 30 in a couple of weeks' or months' time. And all of them are, well... kinda sad. Turning 30 is like being told that it's half time. Statistically you could possibly prove this wrong, but that's what the feeling pretty much is.

Now, I take pride in not being bothered about it. Or so I tell myself. But then I was bothered enough to figure out that I have exactly 1000 days to go before I turn 30. Now that I am aware of this critical piece of information about my life, question is what do I do with it.

No worries, I have the answer. I will blog about at least 1 thing that made the day special for the next 1000 days. If I know that I have lived 1000 beautiful days, that would pretty much make turning 30 quite tolerable now, wouldn't it?

So today is Day 1. What has made this day special is that....well, I have embarked on this chronicling journey and that gives me a pretty clear goal for the next 2.5 years. Something to look forward to.

999 more to go.


  1. Really a nice theme. I know these 1000 days are going to be awesome for you. 'Cas you would be looking out for all those small little things which make life what it is. Beautiful :)

  2. Thanks guys! :)

    And Amit - yes, you got it exactly right! :)

  3. Cool idea - reminds me of Julie & Julia!! :)

  4. What a positive and beautiful idea.. If something touches you that can also make a day special..May God make all your days special!

  5. Very positive and refreshing idea..really.


  6. born creative"... you always did it from school days i remember .. painting, dance, instrumental music, studious and what all...
    happy to know you still continue with your beautiful creations.
    This is again a different and beautiful theme.
    Happy to be one of the witness of one of your beautiful show " Sapli's Show" .

  7. Okay. May I first of all Salute your perseverance (am coming here, after your August post... close to the close of they 1000 days :D) , admire your tenacity, and the creativity, then go on and applaud the earnest and sincere efforts on display with the blog... because, randomly going through each post here, either in order or otherwise, proves that there is a fount of inspiration.
    Quite simply, my dear Shilpa, you rock. The right way :) All the way. (That should have been on the latest, but I want the first one to have something special too :) )

  8. Well came across this blog by accident and what a wonderful idea.

    What I appreciate the most that you actually kept your promise for 1000 days!!! I know how difficult it is for I have started to write journal so many times but gave up after few days.