Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 276: Onasadya

In the spirit of Onam, I watched three Mallu movies in a row (Bodyguard, Katha Samvidhanam Kunchacko and Utharaswayamvaram) and had the delicious Onasadya at our favourite haunt Swadhisht.

724 more to go.


  1. good shilpa,out here there in no asianet @ home,neither was any hotel offering onamsadhya...didnt want to cook the whole of chose meals from a tamil hotel..never missed home so much before...onam was depressing:(

  2. i can imagine... it was like that in Singapore a few years ago also...but now there's no dearth of Mallu stuff... another reason why I love it here. Happy Onam, nevertheless! :)