Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 187: Hot Office, 12 People, Fun Shoot!

What a fun day! Like, seriously!

Today I had to shoot a scene in an office with about 12 people around. It was my first group scene ever and honestly, I was rather tensed about it. I even had a thought that maybe I am not ready to shoot it and it would be a good idea to postpone it. But then so many people had already committed their time for this date, so I didn't want to make any changes last minute.

Hubby's boss had kindly given us permission to shoot at their office and so we set out with the whole shooting paraphernalia at 10:30 am. A few of my colleagues and hubby's colleague and friend's friends had come over for the shoot, for the fringe roles. Since it was a Sunday, there was no air-conditioning in the office. However, it is on the 29th floor with an open window which let in a fair amount of breeze at times as well as giving us a breathtaking view of Singapore and the sea around at all times.

And then we began the shoot.

And man, what a fun shoot that was! The fringe cast was just excellent! It was a delightful experience watching them dishing out dialogues on their own, based on merely a situation drawn out by me verbally. I had no script for them, yet they managed to keep up conversation on the camera alive for several minutes at times! It was just so much fun!

Once the breeze outside stopped, the temperate inside the non-air-conditioned office soar but it did not affect the high energy and the enthusiasm of any of the cast and crew. So after 6 hours of shoot, we were almost soaking in sweat but it was so totally worth it! :)

813 more to go.


  1. well Three cheers to Shilpa! hip hip hurrayyyy!!!
    best of luck Shilpa and we are so happy to see you progressing and learning the art on the go.
    YOU ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE TO All FILM SCHOOL AROUND THE NATION.meaning, all you need is a dream and a desire to achieve it.
    good luck to the passion driven girl.
    ur well wisher
    M.E.T Films

  2. That sounded like a fun shoot.. eagerly waiting to see the final product.. Wishing you the best for future shoots