Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 195: Turnaround

Today was one of those days that I wouldn't hug and kiss out of love. It was strictly average. Work was just way too much at office and life wasn't really hunky dory, especially since I don't see the work diminishing in the near future. So I struggled through the day and then realized, "Damn...what the hell do I write on the blog?! Every day is supposed to be beautiful for God's sake!"

Then of course two things that never cease to make a day beautiful, flashed before my eyes. The two things are: 1) Exercise 2) Film work.

Exercising always rubs the ego on the good side. If you sweat it out a little bit, you end up feeling good about yourself. You think, "See? I am not a loser. I Exercised! Muhahaha!" So that's exactly what I decided to do. I wanted to hit yoga but didn't feel like ditching the mother folks at home. So opted for swimming instead. Well, my performance in the pool was honestly nowhere near the best-in-class number of laps I had achieved earlier, but I still felt like a winner.

After swimming and dinner, I sat down on 2) Film Work. The film work today specifically was editing. I completed the edit of an entire scene. So that was a good feeling as well.

All in all, I managed to turnaround an absolutely lousy day to a pretty decent one in the last minute.

805 more to go.

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