Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 179: Successful Shoot!

15 May, 2010

I can almost cry with relief! After that horrendous shooting experience last weekend, I had my fingers and toes crossed for today! I had prayed to all the possible Gods I could think of but was also preparing myself for the worst. The issue was that if it didn't go well today, then I would really be stranded without a suitable camera and/or a suitable cinematographer. So I was praying that the camera would work, that I am able to deliver on my new responsibility of being a cinematographer well, and in short, the footage should come out well.

And it did!! Man, it did!! Phew! I am quite happy with what we have. Sure the shoot for a single scene lasted 8.5 hours instead of the 5 hours max I was expecting but it was totally worth it. At least the film has a chance of going forward and that is such a big deal for me !

Not just that, it was a great experience as well! Today there was the camera, there were all the Ikea lamps that we bought yesterday, the stylist of the Mausams team who had come down to help with the cast members' make-up, the publicity manager who had come down to take notes for some behind-scene blogs etc. In short, it was feeling like a REAL movie set. And the footage came out very well too! What more can I ask for!?

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God!

821 more to go.