Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 182: Thunder Clouds

Today is one of those perfectly "holistic" days (as we would love to call it at P&G) when I happen to get a lot done. I made some fair amount of progress at work, I went for yoga, I watched one of the cutest movie made in Bollywood "Wake up Sid" with my mom in law, I worked on some script revisions based on some ideas I had recently but hadn't gotten them incorporated to the script yet, I got through a long-pending late night work meeting, I edited 50% of yet another scene from Mausams and last but definitely not the least, I took some time to admire the thunder clouds and enjoy the breeze that accompanied it.

Just as I had gotten through my last meeting for the day at office, I happened to glance out of the window and saw a sea of massive black clouds hovering above the city. It was a brilliant sight. If I were a poet, I would have sat there and quickly jotted down a few flowery lines describing that irresistibly magnanimous sight. But since I am not a poet, I just quickly packed my bag and went outside to simply take in the sight. It was extremely windy outside, it was almost as if a storm was brewing up. I stood there for a few minutes just gazing up at the sky and enjoying the wind. It had an incredible therapeutic effect and I felt like everything about the world was just perfect.

Sure, the thunder clouds then moved away without making much of a thunder or rain but that didn't dampen my soaring spirits.

818 more to go.


  1. cool..yeah know the happiness derived out of a "holistic day"...:) wish you many more of such days..

  2. Thank you!! :) And wish you the same too! Holistic days are the best! :D