Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 181: Pics, Blogs, Edits and a Walk!

Man, what a day!!! Now that the shoot has started proper on the film, I wanted to share my excitement with my friends and family. So yesterday night I put up some behind-the-scenes pics on Facebook. My publicity manager for the film also decided to start her publicity work and put up three very entertaining posts on the Mausams blog. And today, the whole day, I was just receiving and replying to responses on the pics and blogs! So many people shared their enthusiasm and encouragement and it felt absolutely wonderful to get all that support!

Later I completed the first cut edit of a scene from the film as well, which is quite an achievement considering I had to labour through 50 mins of footage for that 3 min scene.

I was exhausted after the shoot during the weekend and all the excitement following that but still wanted to get some exercise, since I had been happily leading a sedentary life for the last one week. I felt rather weak for hot yoga so instead decided to go on a walk. So mom-in-law and I set out for a 4 km walk. We talked all the way and then had a great dinner of Minestrone soup, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Root Beer and Chicken Cheese Toast. Perfect!

Now am feeling really really good! :)

819 more to go.

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