Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 190: High Flying Idlis, Vadas and Executives

Anyone who bothered to read my Facebook/Twitter/Gtalk messages the past few days would have realized that I was about to embark on a business trip to Japan and was not in love with the idea at all. The not-in-love part was mainly due to a) I miss out on a public holiday, b) I won't be at home when my mom arrives, c) I would have a ton of piled up work, d) It will be one hell of a hectic trip thanks to overnight flights and long meetings, e) I have to do a night shoot as soon as I get back and f) General laziness.

But as fate would have it, am actually enjoying myself thoroughly in Kobe Rokko Island in Japan currently. Of course, all the things above for not loving it still hold and on top, I did have a rocky start to the trip. I missed my bus from the airport to Rokko Island and had to hang around at the airport for an extra 56 minutes. Upon reaching the hotel finally, I realized that the room was not ready and hence had to hang around in the lobby for another hour. Thus two precious hours for a shut-eye before the meeting marathon, were completely lost.

But several other things made up for these undesirable start to the trip. Firstly my night flight misery was overcome by a plate of hot idlis and vadas on SQ. I had requested for Indian Veg meal and picked breakfast over supper. And that's what they served me - Steaming hot Idlis, Vadas and Sambhar! That unexpected treat did a lot to cheer my sullen spirits up and I couldn't help gazing at my meal with utmost love!

Then I realized I actually really like business travels. It makes me feel like I am an important person on a very serious mission. All the business class travel, the 5-star hotel stays, the important meetings I have to attend, the good clothes that I wear (for some reason, I save all my great outfits for biz travel), the catch-up time I have with far flung colleagues, the new places I get to visit, the new food I get to eat, the highly intelligent comments I contribute.... all of it make me feel like I am some high flying executive! This is in spite of being one of the smallest fries in the company and in spite of how much I earn, mind you! Yet, it simply feels awesome!

So I actually enjoyed the day in spite of feeling dreadfully sleepy throughout. To top my high-flying-executive-headedness, I had a lunch of 5 huge slices of different flavoured cakes (yummmm!) and the day ended with an amazing Korean meal recommended by a colleague who, with her daughter, took me on a small trip out of Rokko Island. Really, nothing to complain of now!

810 more to go.

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