Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 185: The Tent

After a hectic day at work, I decided to skip yoga that I had planned to go for and just come back to get some rest. There is a hectic shooting schedule this weekend and hubby was also returning from Korea after week's trip, so spending the evening at home seemed like a good idea. However after he got back, we changed our minds and instead went out to Clarke Quay for dinner, together with mom-in-law. The choice of restaurant this time was The Tent. Apparently it is Mongolian.

The fun part of eating at The Tent is that you can mix and match all that you want to eat. There are carbs like different types of rice and noodles and there are several options of vegetables, meat and sauces. You can also opt for soup and salad if you like it, but usually I don't have such healthy choice in food. So I skipped that.

You can personally choose whatever we want from the 50-odd different ingredients kept there and put them all together, including the sauces and they will be cooked and served to you, with any further customization if necessary. If you are clueless about what the flavour would be with all the different ingredients, you can just ask the chefs to get one of the pre-designed options made for you. So of course, clueless me opted for one such pre-designed option called Ogada's Fave which basically had Black Pepper sauce and some other stuff which I no longer remember now. I had this with bee hoon (thin noodles), hor fun (flat noodles), red peppers, prawns, chicken, eggs, carrot, onion and tomato.

And I LOVED it! It was an extremely delicious meal and it was a pleasure watching mom-in-law all excited about picking her own ingredients and getting a highly personalized dish made!

All in all, a great evening. Now begins the weekend shooting saga, once again.

815 more to go.

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