Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 186: Day & Night Shoots

22 May, 2010

First day when I had both a day shoot as well as a night shoot. And i had an amazing time in spite of the hectic schedule we had! The morning shoot over ran by a few hours but we still started on time for the night shoot, after taking a quick nap in the afternoon. One of the cast members, who did not have a part to play in the night shoot, still came down just to help me out with the set ups.... I thought that was rather sweet of him. I shared the edits I had done so far with the cast members and was happy to note that they are as enthusiastic about the progress as I am! I was very happy that they didn't at least think they have been wasting their time, which was always one of my worries. It always feels great to have people feel the same way about your work as you do!

Overall, a very fulfilling day and am all smiles.

814 more to go.

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