Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 194: Phuket Planning & Badmaash Company

Another no-shoot day in the weekend, and I decided to make the most of it. I woke up late and kept eating one thing or the other throughout the day. But the highlight of the day was how we made plans for Phuket. The ladies in the house, i.e. my mom, mom-in-law and myself have booked flights to the tropical Thai paradise of Phuket for a short getaway next week.Am so committed to my film work that I am taking leave from work and traveling during the week, instead of the weekend and how good that feels! We are all very excited about this idea of a all-female holiday trip and are almost feeling like the happening babes in Sex & The City (none of whom I like by the way, but still they are supposed to be happening).

So the whole day was spent on making plans for the getaway. Where shall we go, what shall we do in Phuket. I zeroed-in on my favourite activity of snorkeling much to the distress of my holiday partners. They felt looking at other snorkelers from the boat or even better, make it up with dipping their feet in the hotel swimming pool is the maximum relationship they wanted with water outside of the bathrooms. After much debate, they finally agreed to hold on to the ladder from the boat and just peek into the water for 30s. Upon liking what they see, they will then let go off the ladder and wade into the ocean. Fair enough.

After that was settled, we decided to catch a Hindi movie called 'Badmaash Company'. The movie had fared poorly at the box-office inspite of decent reviews. And I was so pleasantly surprised watching it! The movie was excellent with a really good story, screenplay, outstanding performaces, and great entertainment. Loved it.

It was a thus a cool day with holiday planning and watching a good movie which always makes me happy.

806 more to go.


  1. I loved that u planned the trip during the weekday... the travel just gets exciting when u go on a weekday.. knowing that everyone else is working ... :D... well u have loads of fun...

  2. Thanks darling! :D yes, weekday holidays rock! :D

  3. Hahaha...i like your SATC reference. imho none of them are happening :P

  4. Hmm.. interesting. Then why do people watch SATC? Cannot be for their looks?!