Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 189: A 'Romantic' Lunch

Today I did one of the most romantic things I had done for a while.

Here's the background. The hubby and I had hardly been spending any quality time together. I had been busy with all the film work and both of us are super busy with office work. On top of that he was in Korea almost the whole of last week and once he got back, we spent the weekend shooting for the film. Which was also what was happening for every other weekend in May so far and will be happening for several more weekends to come. And this evening, he has flown out again, this time to Kuala Lumpur and I will be flying to Japan in a couple of hours and wont be back until Friday evening. Which also means that we lose out on one of those rare long weekends when we are together (Friday is a public holiday in Singapore but I will be spending most of it on the darn flight).

So today, out of the blue, both of us were overcome with a sense of "Oh I haven't spent enough quality time with my spouse and wont be able to do so for a while". Since this feeling sprouted only at about 12 noon today, we decided to do the only possible thing to do at that point in time. Meet for lunch.

And thus we met. At Juggis. And over a 40-minute lunch of rotis, chicken curry, butter chicken, mixed veg dish and aloo gobi, we had a heartening, long-overdue conversation of how much our work sucked, how overwhelmed we were with the humongous quantity of deliverables and whether it was really worth the $$ we were getting, how tasty the food was and his weekend plans of meeting his friends and mine of getting some editing done.

After this romantic conversation, we felt a lot better. It was just what was needed to recover from the work stress we were under and the much awaited "quality time".

So now I can fly off to Japan in peace.

811 more to go.

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