Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 177: Three Conversations

I believe I have mentioned this before but let me repeat myself - I love great conversations as much as I love great food. And today was a day of great conversations. It started over lunch with a friend from work. Considering that it combined good food from Lakshmi Narasimhan (their South Indian Meal/Thali is to die for) and a very interesting conversation, it was a very satisfactory lunch. Then I had another round of thought-provoking soul-searching deeply-insightful conversation over tea with another friend from work. Then last but not the least, I had a pool-side conversation with my mom-in-law over my favourite drink of apple-grape juice. We discussed everything from the Big Bang theory to Indian mythology to Bikram Yoga.

It was a refreshing change from all the film talk and I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. And now the weekend is almost here with the promise of another exciting couple of days of nail-biting, nerve-wrecking but hopefully-fun film work.

823 more to go.


  1. just wondering if u'r day is more than 24 hours.Had I chance for three such conversations,my manager would die of heart attack :) may be nature of my job u too watch Big Bang i just love it..especially Penny's throughout confused face:)

  2. Hehe... if it helps, I did nothing yesterday other than conversing. :P Also, about the Bing Band theory... I was talking about the actual Big Bang... not the TV show! :) I don't watch it...!