Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 178: Lights!

14 May, 2010

Tomorrow we are hoping to start shoot for the film. I mean, for real. I am hoping and praying for a good shoot. One that would bring some progress to this film vs. making it look as if a really distant dream. After the disastrous shoot last weekend, if tomorrow doesn't go well, I would really have no other back up idea. I am taking up working the camera now as well to ensure shoot progress and have done thorough homework.

Now one last thing I could think of before tomorrow is to get some extra lighting for the indoor shots, which was one of the main opportunities in the previous weekend. Of course, I don't have the cash to get major film lights, but considering that I believe in the principle of "work within your means", hubby, mom-in-law and I set out to Ikea. Yup, Ikea. No better place than to buy some really cheap lights! We got a few table lamps with multiple lighting and height options and generally had a merry time in Ikea. I am already feeling like a lighting expert!

While there is a fair bit of nervousness about what would happen tomorrow, I am also pretty excited. Let's see how it goes.

822 more to go.

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