Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 168: Morning Book Talk

I love reading books. Even though he wouldn't admit it, my hubby hates reading books. But his mother loves reading books. So this morning, while I was going through the routine of waiting for hubby who always takes more time than me to get ready, mom-in-law and I struck up a conversation about books. It was wonderful to share notes on what we love to read and the different authors that we like, especially since we seem to have very similar tastes! She is the head of the English department in a university in her hometown, so her knowledge on the subject is pretty vast. And I felt like a winner because she was looking for Booker Prize winning books that are either written by Indian authors or is inspired by India. I gave her my copy of the 'Life of Pi' which she was not aware of before and which she is absolutely loving now. Brownie points for me!

Since the rest of the day was just marathon working until I felt like a superwoman who knows dandruff shampoos inside out (I work for Head & Shoulders, in case you are wondering), the early morning conversation was definitely the best thing that happened!

832 more to go.

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