Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 166: Mom-in-Law in Town!

Pretty fun day! In the morning (rather, early morning), went to pick up mom-in-law from the airport with hubby and bro-in-law. Since the flight (Air India) was duly late, we had a good breakfast while we waited for her. Soon she arrived and after a bit of chit-chatting over Gloria Jean coffees, we came back home. Sis-in-law too came over and we went through 6 (out of 10) DVDs from bro-in-law's wedding. I had written several days about this wedding in the beginning of April and reliving it all via the videos were really fun!

After the fun marathon DVD session, we slept off for a while. It looks like siesta is being a big part of my life what with two occurances in two weeks! After that MIL, hubby and I set out for an awesome dinner of Chicken Pepper Rice at MIL's favourite place Pepper Lunch.

What makes the day even more beautiful is the fact that tomorrow is a Monday and it is a holiday! Yeah, baby!

834 more to go.

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