Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 167: A Fun Holiday

3 May, 2010
Today was an in-lieu holiday for Labour Day. So hubby and I were at home with mom-in-law and brother-in-law who came over. In my books, the key to a great holiday involves the following: a) Great food (duh), b) Great conversations (if one isn't alone) and c) At least some productive work (so a whole day of sleeping and watching TV doesn't really count).

Today scored really high on point (a) above. Mom-in-law cooked lunch (and I washed dishes, if you are wondering) and we had a sumptous spread of breads, rice, daal (lentil dish), pickle, potato and tomato curry and "postha". Then we had my favourite McCafe Himalayan Tea Latte in the evening and dinner at Sankranti, an Andhra restaurant which has kickass Thali (which meaning rice with some 12-15 different dishes to go along with it). So full marks there on point (a).

It was quite a productive day as well since I managed to complete more than 60% of the final shot breakdowns for June as well. That is a significant amount of work to go through within a single day, so I scored pretty well on point (c) above.

And point (b) was definitely another success story. I had some nice chatting time together with hubby and the in-laws. A lot of anecdotes and laughter. Since there seems to be quite a few readers who think my hubby is hilarious, I think this nugget from him is worth repeating here.

Me (in a very philosophical mood): You know something... it is so incredible that in this whole vast, never-ending universe, the earth is just a dot. And on this huge, absolutely massive earth, I am just a dot...

Hubby (interrupting): And on this huge, massive you, you have SO MANY dots on your face!

Yes, he is a funny guy and today was a fun holiday.

833 more to go.


  1. wht's postha?tried luck though..a bangla dish..

  2. Wish I could strike even a single point on your list. 27 hours of office work in 48 hours of weekend is no weekend. That too given zero productivity is my only key for a good weekend.

    BTW some smart comment you got there from you hubby. Heh!

  3. Ambily - That is because, my dear, in true South Indian fashion I added in the "h" in the name. It's apparently called Posta. :P It is made of potatoes and Argemone (dunno what that is). Here is the recipe!

    Amit - Ah what can I say. Hopefully you are having a fun remaining 21 hours! And yes, I'll convey your compliment to my hubby even though it is risking more such wise cracks from him in the future.

  4. Thanks Shilpa..for posta(i think it is an odiya dish) and link !