Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 188: Afterglow

Today was a super hectic day. I had meetings all the way from 9 am to 5 pm without a break. My mom-in-law very sweetly even packed lunch for me, because I wouldn't have had time to get lunch otherwise.

But in spite of the fact that there was an horrendous amount of work, today I was smiling.

The smile came on when I took the bus ride this morning to office. I plugged in my iPod and repeatedly listened to this song called "Afterglow" by INXS featuring Sona. It's one of those lovely songs that make me feel really good. But as I was listening to the song, I also started thinking about this whole film-shoot process. Several scenes from the past couple of weekends flashed in my mind and I just kept smiling at the thought of how much fun I was having.

The team, in spite of the occasional pain they cause me, is just incredible. They are a bunch of high energy, spirited young individuals and I am really enjoying working with them. I realized just how terrific it feels to be the director and the cinematographer. It is totally surreal... this feeling of looking through the lens and weaving a story on screen that I had only imagined till now. I know I have been overusing the word fun... but that's just what it is... pure, unadulterated F.U.N.

Even after I reached office and was no longer listening to any music, I still somehow continued to smile. Then I realized that it was because I am somehow reveling in a sort of "Afterglow" myself. Just that this was the afterglow from the shoot and the wonderful experience I had over the weekend while shooting. And the smile continued through the day. Every time I felt a bit stressed with work, I just had to take a 30 second break to think of something fun that happened during shoot and I was back being ready to work again.

I guess I should be talking about such feelings only after the film is done. That's when usually people look back and talk about the journey they made and feel elated at its completion. But then I thought, there is no point waiting for completing something to start feeling good about it, is there? If this current moment in itself is what feels so wonderful, then why not?!

so there. Here's to the "Afterglow".

812 more to go.