Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 196: Water Ladies

I had written here about planning a trip to Phuket with the ladies in the house - my mom, my mom-in-law and myself. I had also written about how one of the planned activities on the holiday was snorkelling, the mention of which had successfully freaked both of them out.

After my mom-in-law complained this morning of not being able to sleep due to snorkelling nightmares, I decided that it is high time they get some water orientation. I did tell her that she can jump into the ocean only if she feels upto it but thought even if that was the case, a dip in the pool might not be a bad idea to help them get over their fears.

So all of us got into our swimsuits (yeah, my mom and mom-in-law actually have swimsuits...they are way more hep than the average Indian mom) and strutted off to the swimming pool. After some initial hesitation both of them hit the water.

Well to cut a long story short, let me just say that after a while, it was difficult to get them out of the water. The ladies who were clinging to edge of the very shallow pool for support before taking every step, soon were wading (walking, rather) up and down the pool as if they owned the place. It was fascinating to see them show me how brave they had become. "See am not even holding to the edge anymore!"

Ah, what a moment that was. My heart literally swelled with all the pride I felt for my two water ladies.

And now we are all set for Phuket.

804 more to go.


  1. heartening to note that we have made some slight progress ....and have given you some reason to be proud of us...!

  2. hey shilpa... i think u have 804 days more to go not 204 days :)... hope u have a fun holiday...

  3. preveena - LOL! I think I was wishing for it end earlier! :D Changed it now! Thanks!