Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 202: Packing for Phuket...with the Moms!

The much awaited ladies-only trip to Phuket is just around the corner. 1.5 days to go, to be precise. And that can only mean one thing - it's packing time!

I completed my packing in about 15 minutes. However the moms, who had started the process a couple of days ago, were still continuing the process.

"What shall I wear?"! They sang, almost in a synchronized fashion.

"Erm.... this?....", I pointed out helpfully.

"Ewwww....", my mom was completely horrified by the perfectly decent printed top I had pointed out to her.

"What will I wear with my new brown pair of capri?!", my mom-in-law was baffled.

"Erm.... that?....", I tried again. And again. And again.

"But we have already worn all these in photos.......", they sang again, their faces a picture of absolute despair.

"Surely, you are not walking the Cannes red carpet? You can afford to repeat wardrobe in pictures? No?", I tried to console them.


Sigh. Right.

So after some mixing and matching of their pants and capris (!) and blouses and overshirts for swim suits etc. etc. etc., we got the bags almost packed. Then came the hats, the sunglasses (matching ones, mind you), bags and accessories.

And now we are set. One more day, and it's Sawatdee Khrab Phuket! :)

798 more to go.


  1. hahahaaaaaa.... grt .... b thr........ who knows.. tho its thr v private visit... i hope.. :)

  2. hehehe.... u have to be here to witness this.... am not kidding.... ! no clue whats going to happen pre-europe!

  3. ya''' i know'' i`m enjoying...... the unseen senes... thanx....:)