Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 204: It's Phuket Babe!

9 June, 2010

It's my third visit to Phuket and I just LOVE that place! The beach, the food, the shopping, the people, the resorts, I just LOVE them all!

Now, taking along the moms made it all the more fun. It was rather amusing to see the utter confusion that carried through to Phuket on "what to wear?!!?!". I thought the wardrobe was completely planned in Singapore but nope, there were still doubts. Anyway, am happy to say that finally conclusions were made and they did proceed to wear sets of clothes and accessories to their liking and posed for pictures at every given opportunity.

The moms and I chilled out at the beach (they actually got into their swim suits and played in the water!), had tons to eat (moms absolutely LOVED Thai food and now thinks food in Singapore is simply not up to the mark), shopped a lot (even though the moms think they have hardly shopped), and generally had a good time.

796 more to go.

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