Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 205: Phi-Phi!

10 June 2010

Today moms and I took a trip to the Phi-Phi islands. They are about 48 kms away from Phuket island and the trip was a full-day activity including snorkelling, lunch etc. Our boat took 1.5 hours each way and the ride was simply breathtaking. The weather was perfect - cloudy but without rain, the limestone formations in the sea were picturesque and I finally got to do the much awaited snorkelling.

The moms too made an attempt at snorkelling. My mom managed to stay in water for a long time but refused to move away from the boat while mom-in-law took a quick dip and went back on board. But they saw the underwater world and that was cool! I actually swam from the boat to the beach (the boat was a big one and was parked away from the bay) which was inhabited with several monkeys and was rightfully called the Monkey Bay. I have to admit that snorkelling at Tioman still is the best I have done ever, but Phuket does win on the boat ride and the lovely bays with the turquoise water and white sands.

After a whole day of hanging out in the water, we got back to the hotel at about 5:30 pm, quickly got dressed and went again to Patong area for shopping and dinner. Patong has a vibrant night life and we did see some interesting sights. After yet another super heavy, absolutely yummilicious meal and last round of quick shopping we got back to our hotel, dead tired.

The trip was so quickly coming to an end but we had a ball, I must say!

795 more to go.

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