Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 203: Holiday Countdown!

The day right before a planned holiday, whether it's short or long, it's always interesting. For starters, there will be a TON of work to go through. Even if you are away only for a few days, the people at work (including yourself) tend to act as if it is indeed the end of the world and hence, every single thing needs to be done before you leave. So you somehow rush through the day with a great sense of urgency, with thoughts swirling in your head and your bladder about to burst, because you haven't even had time to hit the loo.

But as the day comes to a close, a surge of relief sweeps you away. You go..."Wow... I don't have to look at a darn email for the next so many days... or I don't have to think about dandruff for the next so many days (I think of dandruff because I work on Head & Shoulders, I am assuming people who don't have that privilege think of other stuff)....or I don't have to sit in a random meeting for the next so many days..." etc.

That's also pretty much the time you start to think...."If only I was intelligent enough to plan the holiday for 5 days instead of 2." But then you console yourself saying that something is better than nothing and then decided to start the holiday celebration. The last-minute packing gets done, which almost always ensures that you have packed at least 20 more items than you actually would need and you can't wait to go to bed because when you wake up, it's time for you to board a flight.

And that feels so good!

So now I can't wait to sleep because as soon as I wake up, it's time to board Singapore's very own budget airline, Tiger airways, and fly to Phuket! Yeah, baby!

797 more to go.

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  1. Bon Voyage. Enjoy and TIGER Airways Zindabad.