Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 207: First Group Shoot

12 June, 2010

I have had a few weeks of shoots so far, and they have been all quite fun albeit being tiring. I also had a big group scene one day with many fringe actors, which was an unforgettable experience as well. However, today was the first day of shoot with all the main characters (eight of them). It was a pretty complicated scene since all the characters had equal footage and I was expecting it to be a nightmare. Good news is that it was completed well in time, which is quite an achievement considering that we had a couple of adrenalin-pumped cast members who were on a comic spree and getting the entire team to spend most of the time rolling on the floor with laughter.

I haven't watched the footage yet and hence am not sure of its quality, but even if nothing else, I can definitely say that it was a real fun day with the whole team!

793 more to go.

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