Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 199: Good work, Awesome Yoga, Decent Film

4 June 2010

I guess I have been complaining of how overworked I am at office here. OK, not complaining right out but you can feel the stress am under when you read the recent blogs. But these things pay off I guess.

Today I felt good because I got three appreciative emails from my manager about the good work I have done on three different projects. Obviously, I was pleased! It made things a lot better in an otherwise not very desirable situation.

I also felt good because I had a kickass yoga class! It was not one of those classes where the teacher complimented on a posture, and helping me to tick it off my postures-to-be-mastered list. But it was great because I felt that I gave my best. I really did put my heart and soul into it and did not slack off during any posture. By the end of it, I could really feel every limb, muscle and joint compressed and stretched and rejuvenated. It felt really awesome! Seriously, a good yoga class does lift you up a couple of inches off the ground!

Last but not the least, I watched the much awaited political saga film, "Raajneeti". It was a decent movie which missed out on a chance of being a perfect movie due some seriously flawed parts in it. Having said that, I still liked it thanks to the performances of some of the actors and some powerful sequences. And because it kept me entertained.

Overall, a good day. And tomorrow the blog touches 200. Phew.

801 more to go.


  1. cool shilpa..what more does want?
    which posture was that?

  2. hey! no particular posture... was good overall! :)