Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 197: Beauty Unforced

2 June, 2010

Around three weeks ago, I had written here about how a friend who is very kindly following this blog mentioned that my recent blog posts were sounding like rushed scribblings and lacked the soul it used to have. As a response I wrote that it is because I am neck deep thinking about other things like the film and when I write during those times, the soul doesn't really co-operate with me.

Now 2nd June was one of those man-i-would-be-glad-when-the-damn-day-is-over days. There was just too much work in the office and a ton of production work for the film. My head was buzzing with thoughts and I was feeling rather suffocated. By the evening, I was convinced that I needed a break with no work, film or office, no exercise, nothing but pure chilling out. And I decided to do what women usually resort to under similar circumstances - shopping therapy. I thought that once I go shopping and buy loads of good clothes, I will feel really good about myself, the day will become more beautiful and I will have my blog for the day.

Only thing is, it didn't work. I realized shopping irritated as much as everything else at the time. Looking for things that you don't find, finding things that you like but find ridiculously overpriced, standing in queues for fittings, carrying all those bags later on, having to be on your feet for so long etc. etc. were simply not my cup of tea. To cut a long story short, the shopping trip was anything but a therapy.

Back at home at night, I stared at the computer to enter my blog for the day. I didn't wanna give the shopping trip any undue credit by putting it on my "made-the-day-beautiful" list. So that was out of the window. Then I thought maybe I shall write about that rare, simple cup of Spinelli Mocha that I had during the day that gave me a bit of respite in midst of the whirlwind I was in.

And then I decided, let's not force it. Let me not force the "beauty" for the sake of the blog, when I am not exactly feeling it. That would definitely make it soul-less.

So am writing this entry a day later. Today I feel a LOT better and in hindsight I think what was beautiful about yesterday was that I let go. I didn't force something that was not meant to be and sometimes that's OK. Sometimes it is OK to go with the flow because it takes you to another place quickly enough and then when you look back you would have already lost sight of any unpleasantness that you left behind.

As you can see, am overflowing with wisdom right now. So let me wrap up and just say 'Cheers to Beauty Unforced'.

803 more to go.

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