Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 997: Adios Bali!

A rather blue day actually because it was time to head back home from beautiful Bali! Sigh!

But not before half a day of fun first in the villa! We had very cleverly booked a 6pm flight out, so we had the whole morning to continue to chilling out at our gorgeous villa!

Once again we spent the whole morning getting massages (yeah, two days in a row!), spent a lot of time in both the pools, enjoyed breakfast and a few rounds of coffee and juices, yapped, laughed, took pics and basically had a gala time!

Then it was time to pack, get ready and bid adieu to the lovely Lagen Cliff Villa and its wonderful staff.

So carrying along a lot of wonderful memories, we made our way to the airport. But then we extended the holiday a little bit more by first hitting "Krishna", a very cheap shopping place. We spent a good half an hour or more there buying lovely Balinese clothes, accessories and artworks for ridiculously low prices!

So there, we managed to pack in shopping as well, the only thing that was missing from the trip so far!

The check-in, immigration etc. at the Bali airport was super smooth and very welcome, because I was already rather tired with the very exciting holiday.

We had our last meal in Bali at a nice little restaurant in the airport. A friend even managed to squeeze in a massage during the waiting time! And then we boarded the flight. Once again, 5 of us got our seats in the same row, so we had a nice time chatting away until we got back to Singapore!

We, i.e. the hubby, a friend and I, extended the holiday a tiny bit more by  having our dinner at the Ananda Bhavan at the Changi airport.

And then the holiday was truly over.

I was rather sad that it was over, but I was also very very happy that we made this wonderful trip! Bali with its beautiful oceans, sands, people, food, breeze, massage and of course, our villa, will be truly missed! It was one of the best trips ever! It was also my first time ever with such a big group of friends and I had the most amazing time with them and the best birthday holiday ever!

Now I think I am ready to turn 30.

3 more to go. 

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