Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 986: It's August!

Yup, it is indeed August!

August, when it's my birthday!

August, when it's the hubby's birthday!

August, when it's my mom's birthday!

August, when it's the parents' wedding anniversary!

August, when my parents are gonna be in town for 2 weeks for all the celebrations!

August, when I will be travelling to Bali with my 10-member strong friends group!

August, when I finally turn 30 and this blog comes to an end!

August, August, August!

That's the kinda upbeat feeling I had through the day! I was super excited and very, very happy that the month is really here!

Which is kinda nice because it means the last almost 1000 days have been successful in making me feel good about turning 30!

In my very first post on this blog, I had written about how more often than not, I have seen my friends and colleagues feeling really blue about turning 30. Because it kinda feels like half time. And I had started this blog to ensure that I don't feel the same. I had decided that I will keep track of what would make each day beautiful so that at the end of it, when 30 is right around the corner, I continue to feel awesome!

And I am feeling awesome, albeit it being half time, which means it worked! Super duper happy about that!

So here I welcome August with open arms!

14 more to go.  

1 comment:

  1. Right. Now I get it when you "liked" that post of mine, about an August Month :) :)
    It's August for the entire family! Yayyyy!

    Wonderful! I just went across and read the first blog. Just wanted to add my congratulations on the two movies (plus perhaps others that I do not know of :) ), the Wondrous Yoga lessons, the never say die spirit that is such an inspiration. Always.

    God Bless :)

    Would love to see you continue, even after your 1000 splendoured days are done :)

    P.S. As far as I am concerned, 30 is the golden age. I fantasized about it at 16; finally got independent (read working :P) around that age only; began something I totally have loved since then, working with kids, at school :) So yes, despite any chronology, I've grown younger each day, no matter what my skin or hair tells me :)

    So, it's not half time, it's the right time :)

    (Sorry for going on! Couldn't help it! Such things bring out the soapbox speaker in me!!)