Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 987: Yet Another Farewell!

The last year has seen a lot of my close friends shifting to other countries for work, studies etc.

And now, one more is leaving for the US on a new job.

So together with a couple of mutual friends, we had a farewell lunch of sorts with her.

This friend has been a strong supporter of all that I've done in the past, be it my theatre venture, or Mausams or just my life in general.

She was my assistant director on my production Kathaah in 2008 and since then we've been pretty thick. She couldn't be a full time crew member of Mausams because of other commitments, but when I really needed her help badly - say, during my biggest shoot with a 100-odd cast in an external rented venue or for publicity during screenings in Singapore, she was the one I could rely on. And she was phenomenal at whatever she did!

Not just the projects that we've done together, but even otherwise, our wavelengths matched perfectly. We had the exact same views on everything - be it marriage, family, kids, career, feminism, creative pursuits etc. etc.

Farewells suck but only because what we had was so special. It's been a privilege to know and work with her and have her around all this while.

And I enjoyed the lunch having that much needed final session of catch-up before she leaves!

Till we meet in some part of the world again!

13 more to go. 

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