Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 975: The Best Girl Team!

Another Saturday. Another terrific brunch with a different set of my favourite girlfriends!

One of them, visiting from Amsterdam where she is doing a 2 year Masters, is staying with me and the rest of the gang decided to meet her over brunch today.

And it was a fantastic one! Personal lives, Gossips, Politics, Philosophy, Fashion, Dreams, Aspirations - I think we covered them all in our conversation over some terrific food at my newest find Antoinette at Palais Renaissance (really, super duper awesome food!). In the quaint French settings of the restaurant, we spent about 3 hours yapping away!

This bunch of girls have this innate ability to make me feel on top of the world!

They are not just friends but have worked with me on several projects before - dance, theatre, films etc. and have been a constant source of support the last several years. My only sadness is that some of them will be moving out of the country is already out and the rest are about to leave as well. It makes me rather blue when I think about it. But I guess it's OK... I had the privilege of being around them for so long.

They may or may not feature on this blog over the next 25 days of its existence so let me end this by saying that they've made the best Girl Team I could have ever hoped for and were a big part of what made so many of my days beautiful!

25 more to go. 

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