Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 980: Back On The Bus!

I haven't taken a bus ride in months. Ever since the nausea kicked in, in my first trimester. It's been cabs all the way. But today I decided that I felt well enough to take the bus to work... it was high time anyway.

So I hopped on to my usual bus, got my usual window seat and then realized how badly I had been missing this routine of morning 25 minute bus ride to work.

It's seriously a great start to the day!

The bus moves so slowly (for some reason the average speed of a public bus in Singapore is about 40 km/hr) that you can observe everything that happens on the streets - the office goers, the aunties and uncles exercising, the school going kids being rushed by parents, the people waiting at the bus stops in all sorta attires, the maids who go for their morning grocery shopping, people picking their noses in cars that pass by completely unaware that their actions are not as hidden as they think they are, the women who touch-up their make up in the buses that pass by, the cute dogs being walked by their owners or the domestic helps, babies in strollers etc. etc. etc. There is just so much to see!

Then on top of that, all this life passes by you as you listen to some great music on your ipod!

And when you are bored observing the life, you can simply look up and see the sky and clouds passing above. With the music to accompany, the vast expanse of blues and whites makes you feel fresh and alert and all set to take on the day! It's perfect!


Definitely taking the bus from now on!

20 more to go. 

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