Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 976: When My Music Begins...!

A few months ago I had written here about what I considered my music and why that makes me feel oh-so-awesome! 'My music' is basically what my talented music directors compose for my films. Needless to say they are always a lot more special to me than any other songs that I love.

Other than the fact that it is....well... mine, what is really fantastic about my music is that I get to see its journey. From the very inception to the final rendering, I get to see how it develops and blossoms and that's a fascinating experience! 

Recently, I had written about how I have started working on my new feature film script. I had progressed a bit (a bit means really a bit - just about 7 scenes or so) and I sent it to my Mausams music director, just to get his early thoughts. Being a film maker himself, he has always given me his opinions on the characters, the build up, what can be improved, what should be maintained etc. on my previous scripts. And I was expecting an email with similar feedback from him on this script as well, once he goes through it. 

The email came. But instead of the feedback, he actually sent me a quick and rough tune that he had put together as a suitable soundtrack for the film! What a surprise that was and it was soooo exciting!! Not only did the music completely suited what I had in mind (and that's not really surprising because the man's a genius) but more importantly it gave me a sudden wave of inspiration to write more and progress with the script! And so I sat down and wrote another 7 scenes today! 

It gave me such a high because I sensed that this was the beginning of what would someday become my music (hopefully)! And that's a terrific, terrific honour! 

All smiles! 

24 more to go. 

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