Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 984: The Fighter.

It was a tiring day at work. I felt incredibly fatigued by the time I got home, but still had work calls to make, so I attended those. That got me even more tired, so until bed time, I did what I usually do in these situations - stare at my computer, doing nothing much else.

Then my editor came online and we happened to chat a lot about potential film projects in the future.

I told him that everything sounded exciting but the future looks unsure because you see, I don't know how much energy I would have moving forward to do everything. For instance right now, I pointed out to him, I was sitting idly and not working on the feature film script even though I have a good idea how to go about it and I really want to write it out. But I am not working on it because I just don't have the energy.

He said, "Oh, you are a fighter. You will get it done somehow."


The minute I heard that I knew I had to give it a shot at least. I had the next few scenes very vividly in my mind and all I had to do was put it down on paper. Now that this fellow has gone and called me a Fighter, the least I could do was at least fight a little bit.

So I did. I bid him goodbye and got to my script. I took a deep breathe, conjured up the energy that I didn't think I had and started to write.

I finished off the next few scenes I had in my mind and the feature film script is now 25% done.

I feel good.

16 more to go. 

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