Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 967: Cocktail & Conversations!

Today was a major day of catch ups and conversations for me!

First with my team over a nice, long Friday afternoon lunch - it was an all-girls group and we gossiped to our heart's content!

Then with an ex-colleague whom I had not met in the longest time. It was good catching up with him, especially because he had a very interesting story of dealing with his life's ups and downs and re-evaluating priorities etc., all of which struck a chord.

Then with one of my best friends from work, whom I catch up with very frequently but is still a joy everytime I do so!

Then with my usual gang of friends outside of work, whom I had not met in a while because of everyone's travel plans, other engagements etc. So it was good to catch up with them and there were a lot of interesting stories to share and we chatted away all the way until 1 am!

Last but not the least I also got to watch a very refreshing Hindi film "Cocktail". The first half was really good and more than made up for a plain second half. It was funny and I enjoyed it thoroughly especially since there was as much entertainment off screen as on screen, as my friends and I were totally amused by certain...erm...characters in the audience! But let's not get into the details there!

Overall, a very nice day!

33 more to go. 

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