Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 969: The Best Service in Singapore!

Today I experienced the best ever service in a restaurant in Singapore! Very impressive!

The place - Indian restaurant "Zaffron", diagonally opposite to 112 Katong Mall.

It was our first time there today. Katong is quite a fair distance from where we stay but we got to hear rave reviews about this place from a couple of friends and we thought that a jobless Sunday evening might just be the best time to go check it out.

So we went.

Now, I must say upfront that I didn't think their food was the best. It seemed like Indian food catered to western tastes - a bit less hot & spicy than what I would have liked it to be. Even their Masala Tea was like the Chai Latte you get in Australia and New Zealand, and not like the Indian Masala Chai.

But the service was top notch!

First, they went out of their way to get a good table ready for us, especially when they realized that I was pregnant and couldn't sit on the bar stools, which was the only one that was initially empty. Their second option for us was a table a little close to the entrance to the washroom. I thought it was a decent enough place, because the washroom couldn't be seen at all from there, but then they themselves felt that was not good enough for us! So they worked around some reservations and got us a pretty good table finally, like in their "prime" location!

Then we noticed that they are not just mechanically doing their work around but actually having conversations with all the customers. They were like really friendly but not in an in-your-face manner. More like western culture of happy, random conversations with strangers vs. the formal Asian culture where we hold back a lot more. Pretty neat!

We also noticed that they were very quick to change the dish if there was the slightest dissatisfaction with it.

Then one of the waiters dropped a glass of water a little distance away from us. For the next 30 minutes, apologies and concerned questions about whether we were OK, poured in! Not just by the waiter you dropped the glass, but the girl who was helping him clean it up, the manager etc. etc. We had to work really hard to convince him that we were indeed OK and the shattered glass had not harmed us in any manner!

Last but not the least, when it was time to leave, we got a pretty elaborate goodbye! 2-3 people were at the door seeing us off and they even wished me good luck with pregnancy!

Seriously, the hubby and I were very impressed. Singapore is not the place where you get the best service on an average, but this was really pretty nice! Makes you feel like royalty even if for just 2 hours!

31 more to go. 

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