Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 968: That Old Team!

Had a wonderful brunch today, catching up with two of my ex-colleagues and great friends from my previous SK-II team! One of them is just back to work post maternity leave and the other had moved over to another company recently. We hadn't met each other in months, so we decided to do brunch today. And it was a lot of fun!

Our venue was Food for Thought at the Botanical Gardens. It's quite a pain to find that place and their indoor seating arrangement leaves much to be desired because instead of small personal tables, they have huge tables seating 12-15 people, which means you need to share the seating with strangers. Weird! But we managed to find a sanely arranged, normal table with just 4 chairs outdoors and that's where we settled down for our brunch. The food itself was pretty good and I had a wonderful time catching up with the ladies!

The newly turned mom had several stories for us and I poured out my pregnancy tales as well. Together the three of us discussed work, career, babies, parents, husbands, gossips (of course), and everything under the sun over brunch! When it was time to leave, the new mom's husband.. i.e. the new dad.. brought their new baby to meet us! She was such a darling and got along very well with us strangers!

The old SK-II team was the best team ever and we are always so close knit! Of course not the entire team was there for a reunion today but I was really happy to catch up with these two ladies and revive some of that old time fun!

32 more to go. 

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