Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 981: Conquering the Back Pain!

I have been suffering from the mother of all back pains the last few days. A few things may have contributed to it. The fact that I am pushing the third trimester now, the fact that I have not done yoga for a week and the fact that I have had an incredibly busy week at work with long hours, which has probably taken its toll on the back.

Because of its severity, the last one week I would just get back from work and immediately go to bed but all that lying down did not seem to help. I knew that yoga would help but I was just too tired to get out of the bed and couldn't get myself to even think about it. The whole thing was starting to affect whatever I do and was really getting to me. 

But today I decided that I had to do something about it. I told myself that no matter how tough it seems, I need to get myself to do yoga. I had got back a bit early from work and had gone straight to bed. But then I forced myself to get up and do my yoga routine. It took all....and I really do mean ALL my will power to get started but once I did, I could feel the difference immediately! 

I went through the hour, not without some effort, but at the end of it, felt terrific! And I realized that I wasn't having that intense pain anymore! I am not sure whether it is such psychological or really a physical difference but whatever it is, it's just what I needed. 

I felt like I conquered the damn back pain at least for the day and that felt incredibly good! Mind over matter! 

19 more to go. 

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