Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 965: The Cheque!

Mausams was a "zero budget" film in Hollywood/Bollywood terms. But zero budget doesn't exactly mean zero. It only means that the movie was made on a budget that's almost unheard of in the usual film industry. I had actually spent a few thousands dollars on it - mainly on location hiring, film festival entries, etc. So far I haven't broken even, in spite of running for a couple of weeks in Singapore because the tickets then were cheap and part of it went to the venue rental anyway. But it was never about the money and I have gotten a lot more from that film than I could have possibly hoped for ever.

Even then, it feels good when you get a tiny bit of revenue for it! Last year Mausams had played on an online pay-per-view site called It played there for a month and even managed to get to its top #12 all time best-sellers list. But the site did not compensate me for it.. that too for over a year, in spite of multiple follow ups.

Today, out of the blue a cheque landed up in my house. It was only for a few hundred dollars, after Dingora's cut and US taxes etc. and hardly brings me anywhere close to my breakeven point, but still it was a kind of returns for Mausams and I felt thrilled to hold the cheque!

Big or small, it made me feel pretty nice!

35 more to go. 

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