Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 960: The Filmie Fanatic Again!

I had written here about how a fellow filmie fanatic from India had read about Mausams and the very humble background of its making in a newspaper, and came to visit me during a trip he made to Singapore. His story was that he had always been wanting to make a film but somehow didn't get himself to, due to work commitments, but after reading about how Mausams was made by people with zero film background and full time jobs in other fields, he was inspired to make one. We had a long chat that day in Singapore and I was happy to see someone so genuinely passionate about movie making.

He went back to India and soon made a short film which did extremely well in film festival circuits and won a few awards as well. He also visited me during the Mausams screening in Kerala when I was there last year.

He was back in Singapore today and he once again came over to meet me. For our meeting today, he chose the same Starbucks where we had met last year to discuss his film making dreams, and he even walked over and sat on the same seats saying, "This is where it all began!". He was pretty overwhelmed with the whole experience of making a film and couldn't seem to believe all that he had managed to achieve in the last one year. Not only has his film done so well, the latest news is that he has gotten the #1 star in the film industry to work with him on an extension for that film and post that development, some channels are also acquiring satellite rights for it! All very exciting stuff!

I was thrilled to listen to his story and felt extremely pleased to be a very small part of his wonderful journey so far!

And then I asked him what his plans are next. He has enough contacts in the industry now to make a mainstream feature film if he likes to, and he shared with me the thread of very interesting plot he has in mind for a feature as well. I asked him what was stopping him from plunging in again, and he said that it was the same issue as last time - work commitments and a general feeling of "will I be pull it off?", something all of us go through I suppose. And then he said, "I thought if I come and meet you and talk to you about my plans again, maybe I will go back and act on it.. just like last time." How sweet! He was giving way too much credit than what that meeting last year could rightly deserve!

I assured him that it is one thing to be inspired by other people and a completely different thing to actually act on that inspiration and make something out of it. Post Mausams, I have probably had at least 50 - 60 people tell me that they too are inspired to make a film on their own after witnessing the Mausams journey but this filmie fanatic is the only one I am aware of, who has actually done it. And done it so well, that too! Kudos to his passion, courage and determination!

I am certain that in another year's time, I will hear back from him... with more success stories. Now that he has started, I think there is no stopping him. I wish him all the very best! And I am very, very happy and humbled to be a very tiny part of his wonderful story!

40 more to go. 

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