Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 979: Concepts Joy!

I had written here about how, some time ago, I had managed to qualify 5 out 5 concepts at work (the description of what this means is also in that link). If you notice the date of that post, you would realize that it was more than 2 years ago! 

Qualifying new concepts (or initiative ideas) is a key deliverable I have in my current job scope and more often than not, you don't get to make a clean sweep in any concept test. It's a pretty rare feat actually.

But today I am terribly excited because once again, all FIVE concepts that were put into a test have been qualified... not just qualified but with rather high scores! I am super duper thrilled and relieved because I had to qualify at least three of them to ensure that three projects of mine were on track. But qualifying all five makes it extra special! Now not only the critical three projects are on track but I have concepts even to feed future initiatives, which is like too awesome!

Ah, such joy!

21 more to go. 


  1. hey!! i cudnt help notice u have only 21 days more before you hit your milestone... i am so used to reading your blog first thing every morning before i start work. I hope you continue blogging. BTW congrats to your concepts, i can almost feel your joy here... *hugs*

    1. thats such a sweet comment preveena dearest! :) thank you so much! yes now that the end is so close, it does feel like it's come to an end very soon! i havent decided about blogging further, lets see hwo it goes... but thank you so much for reading all this while! :) much appreciated! god bless!